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Unless otherwise indicated events are free and open for everyone. 

All information is at the tourist office of the Poppy country : 9 rue Gambetta 80300 ALBERT

+33(0)322751642 - officedetourisme@paysducoquelicot.com  


3rd February


Théâtre du Jeu de Paume

Concert by les chœurs de France « Your name : Liberty »

On booking : Cultural Service : +33(0)3 22 74 37 04

Prices : 12€/10€/8€



From 17th to 25th March


Special "Irish Week"

Walks, exhibitions, guided tours ... 



From 1st to 15th April


Ocean Villa - rue delattre

Exhibition on the Royal Air Force

Contact : +33(0)


From 1st April to 31st May

Albert - Tourist Office

Exhibition : disfigurated soldiers



7th April


Centenary commemoration of the Battle 

Meeting at the nailway

3:00 pm : inauguration of the bridge and the Ex-voto.

3:15 pm : plantation of the "tree of the memory" to honour the soldiers fallen to Dernancourt

3:30 pm : departure of the race on the circuit of Remembrance (free access, walk 3.5km or running 10km)

3:45 pm : deposit of flowers in the French Cemetery and in the Commonwealth Cemetery followed by a pigeon release

4 pm : exhibition (photos, objects) on the village square.

4:30 pm : welcome of the race arrivals, at the rue d'Australie in front of transformer, follwed by a drink on the village square with diverse animations (aboriginal tattoos, period costumes, bagpipe)

Contact : Town Hall +33(0)322751738


From 21st to 28th April :

Pozières - Dernancourt - Albert

Special Australian Week

guided tours, exhibitions, activities, ceremonies, walks, sport events ... 



21 st April 


The Centenary commemoration of the death of Manfred Von Richtofen (Red baron)

3:30 pm : official ceremony at the German Military  Cemetary of Fricourt with brass band and singer.

4:30 pm : ceremony at the French war memorial brass band (National Hymn)

5:30 pm : conference of the history the "Red baron"

-       reading of soldiers' letters and Songs by Erika

Conference in two parts :

1) Manfred Von Richtofen from his birth to his death, his 4 graves from Bertangles to Wiesbaden in the family grave

But also the history of exeptional French pilots and Tribute to the children of Fricourt that died for France.

By Roger Routier / Catherine Payen local historians of the Popy Country.

8:30 pm - 9 pm :

-"The cans of Corbie" musical and Memory show

Contact : Town Hall, 4 place de l'église +33(0)322746272


22nd April



flag rugby match : on booking at the tourist office to play and participate

Children activities, sport events


22nd April


from 8.00am

story walk

Contact and booking : +33(0)

www.digger-pozieres.org diggercote160@gmail.com


5th May


From 8.00pm

Théâtre du Jeu de Paume

Concert by "Les amis de la Basilique"

On booking : Cultural service of the town of Albert  +33(0)


From 29th June to 6th July



Basilica Notre-Dame de Brebières 

Concert : Les Cornemuses de la Vierge Penchée- "Bagpipe, Leaning Virgin"


30th June

Bus les Artois


Ceremony for the Battle of Somme

Leeds Pals Memorial


30th June


From 7.00pm

Museum Somme 1916 - Public Garden

Centenary events and exhibition


 1st July

Ceremonies for the Battle of the Somme

from 7.28am to 8.00pm


7.28am : Lochnagar Crater - La Boisselle


 9.15am : Scottish cairn - Contalmaison


 11.00am : Franco-British mémorial - Thiepval


2.30pm :  Uslter Tower - Thiepval


4.00pm : Newfoundland Memorial - Beaumont-Hamel (arrival 3.30pm)


5.15pm : German cemetery and at the French monument - Fricourt


6.45pm : French Monument, Briton Square, British cemetery - Albert   


7.30pm : Bagpipe Concert "Leaning Virgin" - Basilica - Albert


1st July

from 4pm to 5pm


Church of Etinehem

Exhibition : "From the rear front to the front: history of Etinehem 1914-1918"


From 2nd to 11th July


All day from 4pm to 6pm

Church of Etinehem

Exhibition 1917-1918 : the third battle of the Somme



3rd July

Dernancourt - church


Concert Concordia College

100 years ago let's we forget




from 20th au 22nd July


Sound and Lights

Contact and booking : +33(0)

www.digger-pozieres.org diggercote160@gmail.com


From 27th to 29th july

 Pozières :

Sound and ligths

Contact and booking : +33(0)

www.digger-pozieres.org diggercote160@gmail.com


16th August


Commemoration of 3 Irish soldiers of Northern Ireland buried in the Commonwealth Cemetery.

Inauguration of a plaque for the village in presence of 50 flutists "Rathcoole Somme and Pride".

5pm : walk to the cemetery, ceremony and back to the war memorial.

Contact : Town Halll, rue Echevins +33(0)22762104

café Dauthieux 2 rue Bourg 80560 Bertrancourt +33(0)322762101


18th August



Memory meeting WW1 : the events of 1918 in the village

Contact: authuillehistorique@gmail.com


from 1st to 30th Spetember


Tourist Office

WW1 Exhibition

by Véronique Spalletti



6th - 7th  October


Théâtre du Jeu de Paume, place Emile Leturcq

Book fair with a dedicated time to « Remembrance »



12 October



Community room

Memory Meeting WWI : medecine



From 2nd to 30th November


Tourist Office

Exhibition "the Witness of the Past"


From 7th to 10th November 


Remembrance Walk from Albert to Ieper (belgium)

Each day, a walk of 25kms on a remembrance trail

On booking at the tourist office



10th November


Ceremony of the Centenary of the Armistice starding at 4 pm.

Contact : Town Hall : commune.englebelmer@wanadoo.fr



11th November

All villages of the Poppy Country


Ceremonies at the War memorials.


11th November


Commemorative Walk for Peace on the circuit of Remembrance.

Fireworks on the square Emile Leturcq 

Events for the Peace


25th November


from 3.00pm

Theatre du Jeu de Paume

6th session : « il y a 100 ans » (100 years ago)


Conferences and debates by local historians : “Technological developments”